Zak Burke

Several former employers have used Oracle Calendar for corporate scheduling. It bugged me that there was no "background" version of this application that I could use to receive meeting alerts, so I scratched the itch and wrote a simple ICS (iCal format) exporter that can be run as a cronjob.
Kbzb is a Perl port of CodeIgniter. Writing this was mainly an academic exercise to see what it would it would take and to learn the framework better, but I've also worked for a few places that used both Perl and PHP, and I figured this framework could be useful in those situations.

PHP Authentication
This is a collection of classes that provides authentication services. The guts of all the classes have been ripped out of the MRBS calendar project; all I did was put an OO wrapper on them and write a factory for retrieving an Authenticator instance. That's not very glamorous, but having all that nice authentication code lost inside a calendar application, rather than in a nicely-separated framework, seemed like a loss. The following implementations are available:
  • config (array of username/password values)
  • dummy (no authn, always returns true)
  • imap (IMAP using PHP's IMAP extension or sockets)
  • ldap (LDAP)
  • nis (NIS)
  • pop (POP3 authn using PHP's IMAP extension or sockets)
  • smtp (SMTP)